Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thursday's Children: Simplify

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Does less inspire you?

Like fewer characters, fewer plot twists, and maybe even fewer (gasp) words? What would your manuscript look like if it was a bit simpler?

Simple doesn't mean less complex, per se. The characters, plot twists, and words that remain can still be deep... and meaningful.

I'm two-thirds through my revisions to 151, and I'm on a simplification binge. Leading up to the final Act of the story, you really start to feel the weight of those extra characters, convoluted plot points, and the complexity overall. So, to that end, boom - a minor villain is gone (combined with a main villain), pow - a plot twist is eliminated, and smash - some repetitive scenes are simply combined into one more powerful scene.

And guess what? I'm liking this whole simple thing. Fewer things mean more time and attention for the things that matter — and ultimately, a stronger connection to the characters and the story. Even my blog is getting into a simpler frame of mind! ;)

Happy New Year!

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