Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday's Children: Shovel it!

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Merry Christmas everyone! Today's holiday challenge was to shovel the driveway after our very first snowstorm in Toronto — with a ham-filled stomach, no less! See if you can spot the similarities to writing and revising a MS...

First, it seemed like it was going to be quite the challenge. So much to clear! I knew it was going to take forever too. The hardest part was just getting started. Geez, where would I even begin? It's just powdered snow, my sister pointed out. Yeah, right.

After starting with a blaze of inspiration, I began to slow down in the middle. Like REALLY slow down. I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to go any further. No shame in just throwing on some salt and calling it a day, huh? But after taking a short break to catch my breath, I shovelled on...

This was it. The final stretch. I had done everything I could to push as much snow as possible to the finish line. The driveway was pretty much complete, only I found myself left with a HUGE pile of snow at the end of it. I knew it would take everything I had to carefully and meticulously clear the final remnants of snow for the driveway to truly be finished. So I sucked it up and went at it.

Woohoo! I finally finished it. Fantastic. All I wanted to do was admire my work and wait for some passerby to congratulate me on a job well done! But, just as I felt ready to call it a day and take a nap...

...I remembered that the neighbours were away. Which means a whole other driveway needed to be cleared too. Another challenge? Bring it on, I said. Bring it on :)

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