Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jay's Corner #1: New Mad Max

Does Max get mad enough for Mr. Jay Rao?

Welcome to the first edition of Jay's Corner, where my good friend, critique partner, and filmmaker Jay Rao gets to (somehow!) invade this blog and share his own reviews and insights on films — all the way from Vietnam.

But Jay! Mad Max has been out in North America since May! Ah well. Let's see what he has to say...

New Mad Max

Just about to go see the new Mad Max film on IMAX 3D at Vivocity. This is the first IMAX screen in Vietnam. It's in the same new mall where I visited the Premium Cinema with plush lazy boy seats that recline to become a bed (you can take a nap if the film is boring).

Back to MM. I'm looking forward to seeing this film because I've been a big fan of the original classic from Australia for a long time. That original introduced the West to a young Mel Gibson, who would go on to become one of the biggest movies stars in the world. That original was a cool movie and I still remember it well after not seeing it for over 20 years. However it was a visually compelling film with its iconic punk rocker looking bad guys, sporting leather, orange Mohawks, and tats.

It's hard to imagine that they could improve on the original, but who knows. I just hope they haven't messed up this new version. I'll let you know after...

And I'm back.

It was definitely a feast for the eyes. Especially in IMAX 3D. Some heart-pounding action sequences and visually breathtaking scenery really elevated this film for me. Although I must admit that I expected much more than such a simplistic storyline. Maybe I was spoiled from having watched Ex Machina last night.

7.5/10 Good fun

Um, but Jay... this is a writing blog, you know. Any lessons for us writers?

Although visually an interesting film, it failed to make me care about any of the characters. Even the main character, Max! Lol. At least in the original, Max had a back story of how he lost his family — which made us empathize with his situation. But in the new film, there's no real character development or back story — so we don't get to know who he is. Nevertheless it was worth watching — even if only for the slick visuals, fast-paced editing, and crazy action sequences.

John's Take

Hmmm... I agree here on all points. The film was quite an aesthetic experience, especially on a giant screen. But zero character development and thin plot make it all sizzle and no substance. Give me rich characters! Give me compelling, sinister bad guys! Don't just weird me out. No, no!

What did YOU think of the new Mad Max? Give us your take by commenting below...

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