Friday, June 26, 2015

Overcoming Doubt


Stop what you're doing — reading, writing, gorging — and pop open this amazingly inspiring article on Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, brought to you by Fast Company.

The path to writing, pitching, and eventually getting Mad Men on the screen was anything but smooth. It was a struggle, a struggle from all angles. Financially, of course, but that's a given. It was the psychological struggle — the rejection, the wounded pride, and most of all, the doubt — that was Mr. Weiner's true test. Everyone around him seemed to frown upon and express doubt about what he was doing, almost as if they were simply waiting for him to eventually accept failure.

Sound familiar?

It's funny, then, how fast that doubt disappeared, 'poofing' into nothingness like a cloud, once Mr. Weiner finally found success. All of a sudden, people were asking him how he did it, and what his secret is ;)

Overcoming doubt — both internal and external — or finding ways to just ignore it. That seems to be the key.

How have YOU overcome doubt? Share your story by commenting below!

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