Friday, March 1, 2013

Thursday's Children: Paper Redux

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I friggin' love paper.

A few weeks ago I was harping about the virtues of paper to anyone who would listen — this week I'll do so again :) I'm not sure if my brain is wired the wrong way, or if my eyes are playing tricks on me, but for some strange reason, I find it impossible to judge whether a sentence is gold or crap unless I see it on a flattened out piece of dried pulp. Now imagine thousands of those sentences!

So it would be an understatement to say that paper has been a revelation for me as I've been working on revisions to 151. That image up top is no joke — that's a pretty close estimate of how much paper I went through to get each sentence right. Any time I'd change something or try something new, I had to reprint the page(s) to see how it looked burned onto my favourite substrate. I admit it, I'm a paper monster.

But! Thanks to my pal paper, I'm pretty much finished this round of revisions. Woohoo! And I'll never forget how much easier and clearer the process was with paper at my side. And so, the trees can rest easy.

For now.

Enjoy these funny videos about the benefits of paper!!

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