Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thursday's Children: My love-hate relationship with TRON

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I have a love-hate relationship with a TV show.

That show is... no surprise: TRON Uprising. It's a series based on the movies TRON (1982) and TRON: Legacy (2010), both of which I liked, but felt a bit unsatisfied with overall. So I was super thrilled that the TV show would give me more time to spend in what is a pretty cool world. I'll share with you one aspect that I love, one aspect that I hate, and how each inspires me as I move forward with my own writing.

But first, check out the opening 3 mins of the series!

If it has anything, TRON Uprising's got style. It oozes it. It screams it. The art direction, the music, the use of colour, everything about it is gritty, futuristic, and techno-cool. And even though the dialogue in the above scene is sparse, it sets the mood for what's to come. The style also helps make this series (and world) unique and memorable. Fantastic!

It inspires me to bring my own style to life, for both my characters and my world.

But, TRON Uprising also needs a bit more substance, and that's what I hate about it. Scenes develop and move forward so fast that I'm not given enough time to spend getting to know each character or their world. So much happens in the 3 min scene above—tons of cool, intense, and fun moments—but it moves by so quickly that it's forgettable.

This inspires me to slow down a bit with my pacing—let readers appreciate the subtleties of a character, or the feeling of a specific scene. Let them soak it in.

I don't like having a love-hate relationship with this show. Neither will your readers with your book! Or mine. So keep looking for inspiration and keep making it the best that it can be.

Do you have a love-hate relationship with a TV show? What does that teach you?

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