Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday's Children: How Music Fuels My Writing

Thursday's Children is a Blog Hop that's all about sharing the things that inspire you and your writing. I'm thrilled to finally be participating this week—woohoo! *Pat on the back* Make sure to visit the other blogs on the Linky List below, sign-up yourself, and leave comments.
Music fuels my writing. It's the spark that gets me started, the bait that draws me through, and the drug that keeps me coming back for more. It's a major part of my process, and a huge contributor to the scenes, characters, and atmosphere in my work. And I don't think I could ever see myself writing a story without it.

It seems a bit counter intuitive at first, doesn't it? Writing is such a visual medium, it's the words on the page that conjure up the images and emotions that keep people reading, and as writers, it's words that we need to produce. But then I realized what can be a major factor in producing those words: my mood. Because my genre is sci-fi/fantasy, everything I write takes place in worlds that don't exist. I've got to imagine myself and my characters in places that are only real in my own head, and it takes a while to get in the right frame of mind to do that. For me, music is the key.

For writing, I'm a huge fan of instrumentals. To me, this type of music really is the soundtrack for every scene in my story, and helps me set the scene in my own mind. For action set-pieces, I need my blood to be pumping, for subtle, character-building scenes, I need to slow things down, and so on. Today I'll share five pieces of music that inspire and build the atmosphere for five scenes in 151. Because the story mixes Classical themes with a futuristic dystopia, you'll notice that the music I've chosen is very fitting!

"Hoverboard Chase"
With the armed henchmen of a crime lord on his tail, Aeneas jumps on a freshly-stolen hoverboard to make his escape. But the henchmen have got hoverbikes. A thrilling chase through the city ensues!

Title: X-Ray
Artist: Sub Focus

"Seeds of Rebellion"
Sneaking away from her Chieftain's marriage ceremony in search of her mother, Casseopea ends up on the deserted Athletic Level. There, she discovers a group of Colony members, meeting in secret...

Title: Fortress Sneaking
Album: Metal Gear Solid 3 OST

"Journey to the Wall"
When tragedy strikes, Aeneas becomes obsessed with getting out of the high-walled city for good. He grabs his stuff, hops on a hoverbike, and makes the long journey to the Wall at the edge of Ilium.

Title: Outlands
Artist: Daft Punk
Album: Tron Legacy OST

"Coriander Outlines the Trials"
Gathered in the Colony's sand-filled Arena, Casseopea and the other Apprentices wait patiently as Coriander explains the role of the Trials in weeding out the weak. Things get out of hand when Chilleon demands a live demonstration...

Title: The Death of Pompey
Artist: Jeff Beal
Album: Rome OST

"The Performance"
In a clever ruse used to infiltrate the Colony, Aeneas and his friends masquerade as musical Performers hired for the Great Feast. But the Chieftain is watching them closely, so Aeneas and co. must put on the performance of their life.

Title: Roxane's Dance
Artist: Vangelis
Album: Alexander OST

How does music fuel your writing? What songs get you in the mood for the scenes you're writing? Share your comments below!

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