STARBÖARD Cover Art by John Krissilas

All his life, Jason Starboard's been haunted by his obsession. With Colchis, the blood-red planet in the sky, rich with gas, swarmed by harpies, home to a simple yet secretive underground kingdom. With his dad, the archaeologist who left Illyria, who left him, to study the treasures from Colchis' past. And with the Crossing, the ten-day period when his dad can finally come home.

Until he doesn't. And all contact with Illyria's ship is lost. And a rescue expedition is launched, across the stars, to Colchis, and Jason finds his way on board (as their "cultural expert", no less). And now his obsession has become a dangerous reality: surviving Colchis' deadly wonders, discovering the truth about his long lost dad, and helping the planet's beautiful, strong-willed princess prevent the one thing that seems inevitable... war.

STARBÖARD (YA sci-fi/fantasy, 96k words) is like Indiana Jones meets Avatar, with inspiration from Jason and the Argonauts, the Odyssey, and yeah, even archaeology. It's the first in a proposed series.

Concept Art

The Making of STARBÖARD: