151 Cover Art
151 Cover Art by John Krissilas

Neas' life always comes down to numbers. 16: the number of years he's survived in the Ilium Underground, a hive of mobsters, punks, and bent policemen. Zero: the number of days he has to escape if he wants to keep that record alive. 151: the number that's scarred into his back, reminding him why he's down there in the first place, and why he doesn't belong.

Until he meets Casseopea. She's the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Hell, she's one of the only girls he's ever seen. And though her plea — help her find a long lost treasure, help her save the people in her colony — may just test Neas' record even more, it may also lead him to the answers: the secret behind his scars, the truth about where he belongs, and the key to destroying the numbers, and freeing Ilium, for good.

151 (YA sci-fi/fantasy, 96k words) is like Mad Max meets Star Wars, with inspiration from Peter Pan, the Odyssey, and Survivor (yep... the TV show). It's the first in a proposed series.

Concept Art

A group portrait from the gang in Ilium (L-R): Bucky, Dio, Neas, Casseopea, Skully, Mitzi, and of course, Vergil!

Neas vs. Ren Comic
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The "Innerview"
Learn more about Neas and the strange world of Ilium — as seen through the eyes of an inter-dimensional reporter!

The Making of 151: