Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon Cover Art

A thrilling espionage adventure starring Jonathan Smythe
Once in a Blue Moon is a spy novel in the vein of Ian Fleming's James Bond series, delivering edge-of-your-seat suspense and intrigue of the highest order. After escaping a doomed ocean-liner off the coast of France, Agent Smythe of the Echo Echelon must follow his only lead: Petrov, a Russian general turned arms-dealer, and his deal with the devil. With high-speed chases on both land and water, the silent infiltration of a heavily-guarded embassy, and insidious, deadly enemies, Once in a Blue Moon is a spy-thriller that will engage readers of all kinds.

"Wow, this is an exciting read, you write very well to keep up the pace and details, it was so easy to imagine the scene."
— Urszulka LeDuchowicz (WattPad Comment)

Self-Published in February 2011

Part I includes the first four chapters of Jonathan Smythe's adventure. Parts II & III are in development.

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