In-Futura Cover Art

A collection of short stories that ask, "What if?"
IN-FUTURA is a tantalizing collection of dystopian science-fiction stories inspired by the social trends of today. Each tale features a strange vision of the future: a world in which fashion and technology have merged into one, a world in which hunting and gathering en masse is all the rage, a world in which corporations have gained control of the weather... you get the picture. You'll also get to tag along with a hero or two (or three...), from a resentful father searching for his "Lost Memory" to a motley assassination team made up of a priest, a scientist, and a mystic. IN-FUTURA will no doubt keep you guessing "What's next?"

Stories from IN-FUTURA that have been published:

The Perfect Sale — a short story from In-Futura

In the future... "Deal Hunting Guilds" dominate the shopping landscape and no purchases are ever made without a coupon, massive discount, or the agreement of the group. Such is the world that Odessa is thrown into as her sisters use a midnight Boxing Day flash sale to initiate her into their Guild. But when Odessa spies an item that has immense emotional value, it will forever changer her definition of "The Perfect Sale".

"That was totally awesome. It was completely unique, unlike anything I've ever read. LOVED it!!!"
— Tamara (E-Zine Comment)

[*This e-zine is now defunct]

The Hunt — a short story from In-Futura

In the future... hunting and gathering en masse has taken over as the latest food obsession. This spells trouble for an "out-of-his-league" father named Nathan, who struggles to juggle the responsibilities of his work, his family, and bringing home the bison. But when a mysterious stranger gives Nathan a map to a "Golden Treasure" that will solve all his problems, he sets out on what will no doubt become a life-changing "Hunt".

The Monarchs — a short story from In-Futura

In the future... the world's most powerful celebrity benefactors rule tiny populations on tropical islands as their all-encompassing providers. When a contest spurs them to compete with one another to demonstrate the ultimate form of charity, Meryl Alexander, a shy American actress, wonders if she even stands a chance. But as her competitors' charitable deeds begin to escalate to unbelievable proportions, she comes to realize how these "Monarchs" can truly make a difference.

"Lovely story. It has a great lesson."
— Yolanda Renee (E-Zine Comment)

[*This e-zine is now defunct]

Your Stock is Rising — a short story from In-Futura

In the future... friends lists, connections, and social networks have become valuable commodities that are exchanged like stocks by schizophrenic traders hoping to bolster their social portfolios. After the best young trader on the block, David Crane, receives a mysterious offer from one of the most powerful puppet masters of the social economy, he's eager to accept. But the exchange soon teaches him a lesson on the true meaning of friendship and the prophetic words "Your Stock is Rising".

[*This e-zine is now defunct]

Across the Metaverse — a short story from In-Futura

In the future... our online social networks have replaced our families as our primary form of self-identification and group interaction. This poses a major problem for Roberto, who falls in love with a beautiful girl from an incompatible network in the virtual world of the Metaverse. When another pursuer challenges him to a duel to the death, the star-crossed lover must decide how far he'd travel "Across the Metaverse" to win her heart.

[*This e-zine is now defunct]


Modus Operandi — a short story from In-Futura

In the future... people all over the world have been swept up in a new cult of happiness called The One True Way. Ryan Poole of the Washington Sentinel reports on the harrowing assassination attempt on the cult's leader by a motley crew featuring a priest, a scientist, and a mystic. As the team infiltrates deeper and deeper into the cult's fortress, they'll each reveal their own perspective on the path to eternal happiness – their "Modus Operandi".

"Amazing story, and beautiful cover. Love everything about this!"
— JeanClaude1989 (WattPad Comment)

The Lost Memory — a short story from In-Futura

In the future... memories and thoughts are stored on devices strapped to our arms, freeing our minds from the need to remember. This seemed like the perfect kind of future for Jason, a father who prides himself on the size of his family photo and video collection. But when Jason encounters a figure who strikes a chord in the deepest recesses of his heart, he comes to the realization that he would give it all up in order to find his "Lost Memory".

(Four Stars) "This is an entertaining, fast-paced story. The future world building is nicely done and the writing style easy to read."
— Enjay Elm (SmashWords Review)

What vision of the future should I explore next? Please feel free to give me your feedback so that I can continue to add more interesting stories to the collection!