In-Futura - Part III: Meaning

IN-FUTURA Part III: Meaning

In the future... getting your genetic code analyzed is as common as visiting your doctor, with "DNA diviners" revealing the secrets hidden inside one's inner genetic nature: from disease risks to ancestry. Dr. Cecilia Cortez, a GENme Genetic Counselor, must face a daily struggle to deal with the varying reactions of her patients to the results of their report. But when one patient's "Snips" reveals shocking and dangerous information, she quickly learns that some DNA secrets are best left hidden.

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In the future... friends lists, connections, and social networks have become valuable commodities that are exchanged like stocks by schizophrenic traders hoping to bolster their social portfolios. After the best young trader on the block, David Crane, receives a mysterious offer from one of the most powerful puppet masters of the social economy, he's eager to accept. But the exchange soon teaches him a lesson on the true meaning of friendship and the prophetic words "Your Stock is Rising".

[*This e-zine is now defunct]

In the future... the fallout zone from a devastating nuclear meltdown has been sealed off from mankind, allowing the life within to recover unchecked. 60 years later, a small group of explorers - including a former nuclear scientist, a wildlife photographer, and a wealthy couple - is allowed 12 hours in the Zone to document as much as they can. The deeper the team travels, however, the stranger the life forms get - until they realize that this "Cradle" isn't a bringer of life... but death.

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In the future... the world's most powerful celebrity benefactors rule tiny populations on tropical islands as their all-encompassing providers. When a contest spurs them to compete with one another to demonstrate the ultimate form of charity, Meryl Alexander, a shy American actress, wonders if she even stands a chance. But as her competitors' charitable deeds begin to escalate to unbelievable proportions, she comes to realize how these "Monarchs" can truly make a difference.

"Lovely story. It has a great lesson."
— Yolanda Renee (E-Zine Comment)

[*This e-zine is now defunct]

In the future... suspicious humans have turned against the robots designed to help them, and a movement erupts that aims to eradicate all intelligent machines. This means trouble for Josie-Jo when members of a nearby village become convinced that the solitary farm girl is harbouring one of the sought-after machines. When the "Reformation Committee" descends onto her farmstead to root out their prey, Josie-Jo must test the limits of how far she'd go to protect her only companion, 'The Last Machine".

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