In-Futura - Part II: Longing

IN-FUTURA Part II: Longing

In the future... "Deal Hunting Guilds" dominate the shopping landscape and no purchases are ever made without a coupon, massive discount, or the agreement of the group. Such is the world that Odessa is thrown into as her sisters use a midnight Boxing Day flash sale to initiate her into their Guild. But when Odessa spies an item that has immense emotional value, it will forever changer her definition of "The Perfect Sale".

"That was totally awesome. It was completely unique, unlike anything I've ever read. LOVED it!!!"
— Tamara (E-Zine Comment)

[*This e-zine is now defunct]

In the future... hunting and gathering en masse has taken over as the latest food obsession. This spells trouble for an "out-of-his-league" father named Nathan, who struggles to juggle the responsibilities of his work, his family, and bringing home the bison. But when a mysterious stranger gives Nathan a map to a "Golden Treasure" that will solve all his problems, he sets out on what will no doubt become a life-changing "Hunt".

 In the future... a new and mysterious online dating service called uMatch, Inc. claims to set up its customers with an offer that seems too good to be true: their perfect match, guaranteed. This sounded like music to the ears of Larry Livingston, a lonely, middle-aged man who longs for a woman who aligns with his specific tastes and preferences. At first, he is thrilled with the new arrival, but he soon begins to have a creeping suspicion about his precious "Mail Order Bride".

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In the future... our online social networks have replaced our families as our primary form of self-identification and group interaction. This poses a major problem for Roberto, who falls in love with a beautiful girl from an incompatible network in the virtual world of the Metaverse. When another pursuer challenges him to a duel to the death, the star-crossed lover must decide how far he'd travel "Across the Metaverse" to win her heart.

[*This e-zine is now defunct]

In the future... no soldier need ever be in harm's way, with domestic Combat Systems Officers in remote control of their own UMUs - Unmanned Military Units - their robotic proxies in the battlefield. When a harrowing assault forces one CSO to allow her unit to operate autonomously, conflicting decisions and unanticipated surprises begin to take their toll. An unlikely friendship soon forces the wily UMU to go on the run as it longs to make the most of its "Borrowed Time".

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