Wednesday, August 6, 2014

STARBÖARD Concept Art: Princess Mié

To celebrate the blood, sweat, and tears that've gone into finishing the *BETA* draft of STARBÖARD, here's some spiffy new concept art of one of the story's main characters.

Her name's Mié. And, well... she's a princess. The princess of a WHOLE FREAKIN' PLANET. So that's something.

But she also knows how to make an entrance. Just when things are starting to unravel for Jason and his crew during their expedition on Colchis, she shows up, out of nowhere, a flash of silver and seafoam green, with her moly in hand, ready to... save the day?

Maybe. Enjoy...

STARBÖARD Concept Art: Princess Mié

The soothing voice of the siren, the soft light of the orbs, the swayin’ bodies of my friends, everything seems lost, lost in happiness. Except for this girl. She’s rushing towards me. Around the pillows, around the trays, around my friends. Right to me. Her lips are trembling, her fists’re clenched tight. Her hair’s flashin’ behind her like a silver waterfall. She’s the most strange and beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.