Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"The Perfect Sale" published in the debut issue of Quantum Fairy Tales!

More exciting news! "The Perfect Sale", a satire of The Odyssey set in a dystopian department store and part of my IN-FUTURA short story collection, has been published in the debut Halloween issue of Quantum Fairy Tales. Check out the story here.

"The Perfect Sale" Published by Quantum Fairy Tales on October 31, 2012

"The Perfect Sale" is set in a zany yet not-so-far-fetched dystopian future in which jumpsuit-wearing shopping guilds dominate department stores and no one shops alone. It was inspired by the Groupon and flash sale shopping craze from a few years back, as well as our obsession with coupons and getting the best deal. In a thinly-veiled reference to The Odyssey, the story follows 14-year-old Odessa as she is initiated into her sisters' Guild, called The Lotus Eaters. As she dodges sketchy salesmen and a giant, visor-clad villain, she attempts to reunite with a product that has special meaning to her. I hope you enjoy this story!

Quantum Fairy Tales — Issue No. 1: The Melody that Restrained Death

I'm also thrilled that "The Perfect Sale" has made its debut in the upstart e-zine of speculative fiction, Quantum Fairy Tales. Run by a Ninja Monkey, a Quantum Fairy, a Clockwork Gnome, and more, this brand spankin' new e-zine promises only the quirkiest stories, poems, and art. Make sure you check out the debut issue!

[*This e-zine is now defunct]