Friday, May 11, 2012

Agent Hunt

As a brief interlude to my Writing a Novel Series for 151, I'd like to catch everyone up to the present. Having wrapped up my fourth and final Draft (polished that sucker up!) on May 6th, and swimming in my research on the world of publishing, literary agents, and querying, I'm now on the hunt for the perfect agent to represent me.

What are literary agents, you ask? What are they good for? Well, for one, they are the essential gatekeepers to most big publishing houses, which typically do not accept unsolicited submissions or queries. But more importantly, they can provide tremendous insight into the development and selling of your manuscript—they collaborate with you to make things happen. Who wouldn't want a good agent on your side?

In my case, I'm looking for an agent who:
  • "Gets" the story, themes, and characters of One Fifty One, and is as passionate about them as I am
  • Is excited about its potential, and about reaching publishers that will give it the best possible chance in the market
  • Enjoys working with me, and I with them. Having a committed, hard-working relationship can do wonders for both author and agent!
I've got my well-researched list of agents who would be the best fit for both myself and the manuscript, and have begun reaching out to a select few to test the waters. If you know of an agent whom you think I'd enjoy working with, please give me a shout (john(at)

Below is the current plot summary from my query. Wish me luck!

YA sci-fi/fantasy
85k words

QUERY (Updated: March 2013)

Stay in the 150, you live. Fall out, and take your chances down below.

17-year-old Neas doesn't belong to a Colony. But unlike the others, his back isn't branded with a number. It's marked with scars.

When the pirates that raised him are killed, Neas goes on the run in the lawless Underground: a hive of mobsters, punks, and bent policemen. The last thing he expects to find is Casseopea, an orphaned girl from the Colonies on the hunt for a mystical Key. If they can find the Key, she'll be allowed to return to the Colony she calls home. If they fail, she'll be banished to the Underground for good.

But the Key is more than just a relic. Not only is it the edge Casseopea needs to spark a rebellion and free the members of her Colony, it has the power to unlock the secret behind Neas' scars and the startling truth about where he belongs.

151 is like The Hunger Games meets Star Wars in a world that blends future tech with classical myth, and is the first in a proposed series.