Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Your Stock is Rising" Published on

I'm happy to announce that another of the short stories in the In-Futura collection, "Your Stock is Rising", has been published in the science-fiction E-zine Static Movement.

"Your Stock is Rising" is an interesting story in many ways. First, it builds on a very current phenomenon: that of measuring the value of one's social connections and contacts. But while sites like Klout can offer social networkers only a number to represent their social influence, the world of "Your Stock is Rising" takes this to the extreme by creating an entire social economy. Second, the story features a protagonist who is very much like myself: young, career-driven, determined to reach his potential. The only question is, how much is he willing to give up to obtain it?

To read the story on, click here.

[*This e-zine is now defunct]