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About me

Hi! I'm John Krissilas, a sci-fi/fantasy writer based in Toronto, Canada.

Camel ride
My path to becoming a writer follows a much more Indiana Jones-ey and Don Draper-ey route than others: I've dug for treasure in Jordan and tried to sell you more cheese. Now I only dig for adverbs (kidding!) and try to sell you my books (not kidding... really, I'm not).

What I'm working on
  • 151 — a YA sci-fi/fantasy novel that will rock your world. Think Mad Max meets Star Wars.
  • STARBÖARD — a YA sci-fi/fantasy novel that will take you to another world. Think Indiana Jones meets Avatar.
  • IN-FUTURA — a collection of dystopian stories that ask, "What if?" (five of which have been published!)

Where to find me

Um, well... here of course. But also here @JohnKrissilas, and if you really have beef, here:

Happy reading!